Merced Area REI meetup

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OK guys, it's that time again!

Come on out and network with local RE investors, contractors, wholesalers, etc. I'm working on getting us a conference room at the UC but the default location for now will be Jantz bakery in the El Portal complex.  I'll update when I hear back.

I will invite my plumbing contractor and another BP member will try and invite a local portfolio lender, but above all let's meet and exchange ideas. See you there!

Merced; Madera; Atwater; Turloch; Ceres; Los Banos; Livingston; Chowchilla; Planada, Le Grand; Dos Palos; Newman; Snelling; El NIdo;

EMERGENCY LOCATION CHANGE Sorry everyone but we need to change location....I just found out that Jantz Bakery is closed on Sunday. Let's plan on meeting at IHOP on Olive Ave instead. IHOP @ 9:00AM 455 W. Olive Ave. Merced, Ca 95348

@Araceli Gomez , @Anmmar Alsaggaf , @Richard Morales , @Eric Hamm,

Hey everyone, hope you found our meetup beneficial, I certainly did. I felt the size was just about right for some good networking and discussion. I would like to keep it up and grow the group some more. Feel free to invite people you know on the next one! Hopefully my friend Dawn (title) and Vince (lender) can make it to the next one. I would also like to bring others to the table, such as a hard money lender, other trades, etc. 

Feel free to give me a vote if this meetup was good for you (yes, a shameless plug)!

What do you guys think, monthly meetings? Every 2 or 3 months?



Thanks again for getting the meeting up and running.  I thought it was beneficial, certainly.  I think we should try to meet once a month (at least in the beginning) to build some momentum.  Once the meetings have gotten some traction, we can consider spreading them out a little (or not).

I'll definitely try to bring someone (or two) to the next meeting.

Thanks again!


Tim, I think the 1st meeting went great it was a nice group with diverse backgrounds. Seems like we could def benefit from eachother sooner or later. I think once a month is good. Ideally I would also like to have a place where we can present potential deals and/or present recent deals. I think the goal is to help eachother find, secure and fund deals. 

It was a great meeting! Thank you for putting it together, it was nice to meet everyone and get different perspectives and ideas from one another's investment goals.