Buy & Hold Strategies: How to be Great Property Mgrs or Hire One

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  • 11/14/17 06:37PM
  • Canyon Oaks CC 999 Yosemite DR. Chico
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Ok - so now you have decided to execute a "Buy & Hold" but now that means you will be property managers! Now what do you do? Hear from 3 experts who are making it look easy and profitable.

Jennifer Morris - Executive Director of North Valley Property Owners Association (NVPOA) - she will share the great educational and support resources the NVPOA offers for as little as $110.00 per year.

Chris Herbert of Blue Oak Property Management - a past speaker to our group in 2016, will share his insights as a real estate investor and property management company on how to evaluate a "Buy & Hold" deal. As well as share insights on how to evaluate property management companies.

Tina Peters - a successful long time "buy & hold" investors will share her perspective on property management the do's and don't along with her strategy for RE investing.

Q&A from the panel - always a great way to get your questions answered by seasoned investors

Don't forget about our networking at the start of the program and after too!

Looking forward to seeing you! Sharron Ames and David Landeck!

Hello Sharon and David - I'm just getting started on this real estate investing journey and am looking forward to attendng your event and networking with and learning from like minded people.

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