Bergen County Real Estate Group (BCREG): Monthly meeting #3

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  • 11/28/17 07:00PM
  • Panera Bread: 770 NJ-17, Paramus, NJ 07652
  • Free

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Round table / open discussion about all things Real Estate. Meeting will be limited to 20 members to keep it as a focused discussion instead of a lecture or a bunch of side discussions. Anyone is welcome to attend (Investors both hardened and newbie, agents, attorneys, trades, etc.)

Meeting #3 will be held at the same place as #2, Panera Bread at 770 Route 17 North in Paramus. This is the freestanding building by Equinox, not the one in the mall (or on rt. 4).

Good morning Kevin

What day are you thinking? I would like to come. 


Hi Kevin,

Looking forward to making this meeting.


Hey all, I'm new to REI and even newer to the BP forum. Looking forward to meeting you all. Really hoping to meet some REA's that are investor friendly.

Hello Kevin,

I am leaving my industry and coming to Real Estate. I am a newbie, and this will be my first meeting in my life in Real estate. I am looking forward to it.

Sorry guys I didn't get notified that anyone resonponded to my message until today!!!

@Ray Schumacher the meeting is Tuesday Nov 28th @ 7pm.

@Jason Staine hope to see you there. Please RSVP if you haven't already as the meeting is limited to 20. 

@Ruel Baliong  and @Anupam Biswas everyone is welcome I think you'll really get something out of it. Welcome to BP !!

@Nick Calabro thanks for signing up. I'm sure we'll get you in there Tuesday. I'm sure not everyone who signed up will come. I'll keep you posted!  


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