Anchorage Local Club Meetup

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Attention Anchorage Alaska Landlords!

The last time the club meet on this topic we had no seats left - people attended and were stuck in the hallways!!

The reason for this is because successful landlords understand that in order to be profitable you have to quickly turn and market the property. Every day it is not rented is a day you are losing revenue.

Since the market has shifted, it is a bit more challenging to get a property rented - BUT - properties are still renting with a few great tricks!!

In this class we will discuss the following:

Prepping the room

Tricks to make your unit more appealing.

Programs and places to post your property for rent.

What tenants are willing to rent

What is the latest price points of rentals

and....Best part! The class will be taught by the people that rent 30+ properties a month all over town!

GUESS WHAT!!! We have Brad helping us with our next event.

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More info? Would love to attend

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