Wallingford Monthly Real Estate Meet-up

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  • 11/30/17 07:00PM
  • Chili's Grill & Bar- Wallingford
  • Free

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Join me and other BP members for the Wallingford Real Estate Meet-up. This is event is not just for investors in Wallingford, but for all of New Haven County.  By request, this month we will be meeting at Chili's in Wallingford on November, 30th at 7pm to network and help each other build our real estate businesses. Whether you have been investing for 50 years or have yet to close on your first deal, this event is for everyone. Whether you have a deal, looking for a deal, flipping, or holding you will benefit from this event. Share experience and stories while learning and helping others. This event is open to everyone and feel free to pass this along to anyone you know that is interested in real estate.

Wallingford, North Haven, Cheshire, Hamden, Meriden, Middeltown, North Branford, East Haven, New Haven, West Haven, Branford, Milford 

I will try my best to attend.

It's on my calendar. Thanks!

Really excited to attend! We've got some good momentum going into this one. 

I am moving to the area in December and would love to come to future events. In the meantime I'm looking to rent a house in Milford, while deciding what neighborhood to house hack. Any advice on who to talk to about the rental market there? (or does anyone have a house they want to rent out in Milford?)

 Looking forward to joining, meeting some local folks and listening. 

Hello All, 

I'm a roofing contractor from NYC and looking to buy and hold multis in CT. Looking forward to meeting everyone there. 

Thank you. 


Hope to see you guys there!

Hi all - stupid question, how are we finding each other? Will there be a table or just gather at the bar? Thanks! 

We will be meeting in the bar area.  The hostess will be able to point you in the right direction.  

Hope to see everyone there tomorrow night!

hey. Great to see that we have a meet up in my area.  I can't make tomorrow night but will look for future events coming up.   

I am looking forward to the meeting!  

Great meet up, great conversation. Thanks everyone- see you next month

It was great meeting other local investors!  I have a bead on 3 properties at the moment and cannot wait to see where this will lead!

Thank you Chris for organizing.  I had fun meeting you and the  other  local investors.  

Moving it to Chilis was a clutch decision! 

December's meeting was just posted.  Hope to see everyone on the 28th! 

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