Official BiggerPockets Meetup with Brandon (Last Minute!)

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  • 11/08/17 08:00PM
  • Slatts Pub in Cincinnati
  • Free

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Last Minute!

Hey ya’ll! I’ll be in Cincinnati on Wednesday (11/8/17) night only this week. 

Anyone wanna get together and talk real estate over some drinks and snacks?

Slatts Pub in Blue Ash:

4858 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242 8pm - 10pm Let me know below if you can make it! I’m only in town for 24 hours but I’d love to see whoever is around! 

Slatts has awesome food. I would like to meet and talk shop! I'll be there at 8. 

Its so great you are in the area!! It’s possible I could make it as well. What time are you planning on being there?

Awesome to hear you found something here and went against Cardone's advice! I am closing on an 8 unit on Friday to satisfy my 1031 exchange and id l love to talk about how yours went down as well. I'll be there at 8.

A different day, and I'd stop by. Too busy prepping for the OREIA convention starting the next day.

Is 8:00 PM the official time?

8pm is the official time! I'll probably get there a few minutes before that, hopefully. 

Seeya all there! 

Hey @Brandon Turner , next time you’re visiting the Cleves property, you gotta fill up on Buddha Barn if you like Thai food, and then take the Anderson Ferry across the river to get back to the airport.


Ah, I can't believe I missed this! It would have been great to meet you and other local investors in the area. 

Maybe next time Brandon! :)

the legendary Brandon only an hour away and I missed it! 

There's always next time! 

Welcome to the Ohio market!

It was nice to meet all of you guys.  Will definitely try to connect again in the future.



Dang, I missed this post but would have loved to connect! Let us know when you come back. 

Wish I saw this sooner, I would have come out.

Did you ever find a lender for your acquisition?

Dang it! I would have loved to meet up. Hopefully next time, let me know when you are coming back to Cincinnati Brandon! 

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