Formulas For Profit! Come learn all of the formulas we use.

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  • 12/06/17 06:00PM
  • Hyatt Place, 3700 Outlet Pkwy, Lehi, Utah
  • Free

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At this amazing event, we will learn all of the different formulas that I use to do successful real estate investing deals. Just a few of the formulas will include:

1. Front-end profits 2. Back-end profits 3. Net Capitalization Rates/ Gross Capitalization Rates 4. Cash Flow Quotients 5. Purchase Price Determinations for raw project land 6. Purchase Price Determinations for platted land 7. Purchase Price Determinations for developed land 8. Condo Conversion Analysis 9. Proper Cash Flow Determination 10. Gross Operating Income 11. Net Operating Income 12. Cash on cash returns And much, much more. Not only will you learn how to figure the formulas, but then we will apply them to actual pieces of real estate for deal analysis. The formulas are far simpler than the picture on this event. lol. Come learn to be a formula superstar.  

Hi Mr. Watson,  I'm considering attending this event.  Besides teaching formulas (which I am interested in), will there be any other activities such as high pressure sales pitches, etc.?

@Brent Fisher , great to hear from you brother.  Thanks for replying.  We will be doing a couple of other things besides formulas, but they will all correspond with the evening.  We will talk about a few deals that my students in attendance are doing.  We will go over specific examples of the formulas.  About the selling, there will not be any high-pressured pitch, and you aren't required to get involved.  I estimate all of the non-formula activities to take less than 20 minutes of the 3 hours.  I promise you will enjoy the event and go away with significant ideas and understanding of some very cool things.  No fluff.  No garbage.  

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