Chicago Real Estate Investor Network

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Join a real estate network filled with with other investors, lenders, rehabbers, syndicators and other industry professionals. This event is geared towards helping you connect with people who can help you get started and/or grow your real estate portfolio.  

This event is designed for new investors and experienced investors alike. Come out and expand your network and get your next deal done. Real estate deals are really relationship deals so make sure you're focused on meeting the people who can help take your investing to the next level.

Location: Yard House, 1500 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Hosts: @Meghan McCallum , @Rinee John de Leon , @Nicole Valenzuela , @Geetika Casmon , and John Casmon

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Date: Monday, Nov. 20

The topic is, "Best practices on finding and calculating opportunities". This is a very polarizing topic as Chicago and most of the country's market cycles are being argued as both being still hot and other argue its opposite. Let's get together before the holidays lull us into apathy and keep our drive alive. 

Can I get everyone I tag to tag a few more people that you are connected to on here and get a great turnout at our new location?

@Malcolm Douglas , @Michael McClelland , @Melissa Szanati , @Jonathan Spitz , @Alexander Ramos , @Jordan Callaway , @Megan Roche , @Idris Lawal , @Brendan Finn , @Matthew Olszak , @Letizia Caselle , @Sterling Coleman , @Anthony Walters , @Zachary Goldman , @Maria C Quimpo , @Nikki Kofkin , @Shelly F. , @Jelisa Satterfield , @Mark Faustrum , @Tomas Satas

We are looking to add some great technologies to help keep people connected, motivated, and inspired to partner and keep getting deals done! We're excited and we hope you can join us!

hi! :) Where is this?

I should be there, looking forward to it!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight! 7pm at Yard House, 1500 N Clybourn. @Tomas Satas  

Awesome event tonight everyone, loved sharing and learning with you all! Can't wait for the next one!

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