Shenandoah Valley Meetup

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This will be a gathering of folks in the Shenandoah Valley. The goal is to start a regular cadence so that local investors can network and help make each other successful. 

This will be held on 12/2/17 at 9:30am at:

Panera Bread

2605 S Pleasant Valley Rd

Winchester, VA 22601

Updated almost 2 years ago

To add some context to this meeting: This is the 1st meeting of hopefully many. The goal is to organize subsequent ones and discuss lining up presenters, locations and such. In addition it is an opportunity to get to know some of our fellow investors.

I'm very interested in investing within Winchester, VA area. @Daniel P Are you thinking about organizing another Shenandoah Valley Meetup? If not, I would like to start one.

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