Newburgh, NY Real Estate Meet-up in DUMBO

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  • 01/28/18 01:00PM - 02:00PM America/New_York
  • Meet me at a table in Brooklyn Roasting Co. , 25 Jay St Brooklyn, New York 11201
  • Free

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Interested in moving to or investing in the Hudson Valley? Ready to get out of Brooklyn, but not ready to give up walkability, diversity, and the crappy-but-charming corner bodega? 

Meet up with other like-minded people and get a chance to pick the brain of a real estate agent working exclusively in the City of Newburgh, NY -- one of the most beautiful, interesting, and up-and-coming real estate markets in the Hudson Valley.

Meet us at a table at Brooklyn Roasting Co in DUMBO at 1pm on January 28th. 

No question is too silly, no level of interest is too shallow, and heck, the coffee is good. 

Hi Sarah!

I am a newbie investor who is interested in the Newburgh area. I would like to know if this meetup is still happening before I change my work schedule to make it?

Yes it is on indeed! Thank you John! 

Running a few minutes late, but look forward to meeting you all shortly!

Hey Sarah,  I am here, but cannot see you. Where in coffee shop is the group? Thanks!

I am so sad I was not able to make this event. If there ever is another please keep me posted!

Many thanks to Sarah for putting on the event today.

What an amazing group of people! I want you all to be my neighbors. 
Talk soon, and thanks to the Roasting Company for making a little elbow room for us to have such a nice, cozy conversation!

Thanks to Sarah for putting together this informative event! I'm excited to keep an eye on Newburgh as a potential future investment. It seems like there is some good momentum happening! Thanks again.

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