Real People, Real Beer, Real Estate

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  • 02/21/18 06:30PM - 08:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • We will be in the bar area, so unfortunately only 21+, 3001 Ruston Way Tacoma, Washington 98402
  • Free

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Join me at the Ram on Ruston way in Tacoma, Wa for a couple hours of talking real estate and networking IN REAL LIFE! This site is invaluable but nothing beats the real deal! The idea is to have a super informal meetup where we have a couple of beers, maybe get some food and just talk about real estate. Maybe deals we have going, services provided, dreams for the future. The possibilities are endless! Everyone will be financially responsible for what they consume ( Sorry I'm not loaded yet :D) Would love to see atleast 20 people there so let everyone know that you think might be interested, brokers, investors and newbies alike! RSVP's are appreciated as I worked in a restaurant through college and want to be able to give them a headsup that we're coming down. I'm super excited and hope to see a whole lot of people there!

Looks like a great event Jameson.  I will add it to my calendar and will know more next month if I can make it.  I am always driving over from Spokane so I just need to make sure everything is clear.  Thanks,  Rance

Everyone @Steve Kosylo called me today after seeing my number here on the website and I think that's awesome, that's what its there for! Please don't hesitate to connect any time!

Hey everyone!

      My wife and I are newbies looking to get involved with our local scene. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this meetup, but I wanted to start saying hello and making the local connections and seeing what needs I can help fill to earn some advice, guidance, partnership, or just some good smiles and friends :) Or, since it's Tacoma, if anyone wants some advice on brewing :)

 I'm a Tacoma local homeowner, active duty military, and building my literacy looking to get into the buy and hold scene. Feel free to drop me a line.