Casual Meetup in Westport [February]

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  • 02/08/18 07:00PM - 10:00PM America/Chicago
  • The Foundry (upstairs loft), 424 Westport Rd Kansas City, Missouri 64114
  • Free

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Friends, Romans, countrymen....
February is officially upon us!

This of course means many different things.

It means that I need to actually send the email out from last month's meeting, so I can look @Austin Fruechting  in the eye next time I see him.

It means that we made it through January.

It also means that a new month brings a new meetup.

Come join some of your fellow Kansas Citians for a lively discussion on Kansas City SFH/Multi-Family, made even more enjoyable with some drinks and a cool Westport space added into the mix.
With a "the more the merrier" approach, anyone who is interested in casually discussing KC real estate is welcome to join.
There's no pressure, angle, or agenda. Simply hanging out and talking REI.
Those just getting interested, to those with years under their belt, and all the in-between are welcome.
We'll be there 7PM to 10PM(ish)

The Foundry
(upstairs loft space)
424 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111


@John Wires has taken the time and effort to build us a Facebook group!
John and myself administrate the group and hope to make it an awesome space to supplement our interactions on BP.

Hope to see everyone there. (02/08/2018)


At this time, I don't see why I won't be there! 

.... and I did get the email, and although I was looking forward to talking more trash on you, well done @Quinten Sepe ! Thank you for your organization of these things!

Although I will be out of town for this event, please please keep these going!  


Looking forward to meeting local BP members. 

I wish I was in town! How many people usually show up to these? 

I have a class that night but going to try to get out of it!

Hi folks, brand new to BiggerPockets, lookingt to get into real estate investing.  Do you welcome guests?  Would like to attend this evening.

Dave Smith

Thank you everyone.

@Dave Smith all are welcome, sir 👍🏻
@Christopher J Lemmon we usually have a jolly gang of at least 10 and we've encroached on 20+ on some occasions. I typically prepare for anything from drinks by myself to hanging out with a whole crew, and anything in between.

Hey, all.
See you soon!
Ask for the loft space when you get there.
Let them know you're with Quinten Sepe and BiggerPockets KC Meetup
I'll be there soon!

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