Real Estate/Finance Meetup in Portland w Mindy Jensen @ Bunk Bar

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  • 03/29/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 1028 SE Water Ave Portland, Oregon 97214
  • Free

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night! I met some really fantastic people and had a lot of REALLY awesome conversation!

I'm going to be in town for the Hop Hop Half Marathon and wanted to have a meetup in Portland.

A friend is local and suggested Bunk Bar.

No agenda, just a bunch of real estate/finance peeps hanging out and talking about our favorite subjects.

Are you in?

shoot going to miss you ... hows' the weather in PDX for your run... ???

I sure hope the weather is nice... Darn,  I thought you'd be in town. Too busy jet-setting all over the world...

I'm in! So excited you'll be close enough for me to attend. I live in Eugene, but will drive up for the occasion. Looking forward to meeting you!

Updated 8 months ago

Awww ... family plans developed for Spring Break and I'll be out of state. Won't be able to attend after all. :( Hope to get another opportunity in the near future!

I'd love to join you.  Count me in!

I would love to join you also!  I'm in!

This will be my first RE meet-up group since recently moving back to PDX; I’m looking forward to meeting a like-minded group of awesome people.  And Mindy....I am a huge fan.  Thank you for all of your advice and inspiration!

Sounds fun! Been on my goals list to get out and meet some local investors so this comes at a great time. 

I'm in, and definitely going to try and find a sitter for our kiddo so my beautiful wife can join us also!  

I am in. Looking forward to meeting some of the local Oregon investor crew. I live near Manzanita on the Coast and left Portland 2 years ago to continue investing in Tillamook County since it was getting tough to find opportunities with CAP rates above 12 percent around Portland.

I goofed on the dates I thought you were going to be here end of Feb when I was in SE Asia

but looks like I miss you anyway ..its baseball spring training..

Looking forward to finally meeting the infamous Ms. Jensen!

(For the elucidation of all present, Google calendar just aurocorrected Mindy's name to "Money Jensen." Secret identity revealed!)

Awww Dang!!  I'm away for spring break that day.... :(  Next year I'll run the 1/2 with you AND do the meet up!  

This looks to be a great meetup to attend. It would be nice to meet some like-minded people!

I will be attending, It will be nice to see some familiar faces. 

Thank you & see you on the 29th!

This sounds like a good networking event. I am going to try and attend.

Hey All,   

Just an FYI - The parking in that area is TERRIBLE; even at 6p.  Make sure you don't park in the spaces up against the Eastbank Commerce Center building (White building across the street from Bunk Bar).  They patrol and will tow you.

There should be good parking on the SW corner of Water and Taylor.  It's the parking lot directly South of the Eastbank Commerce Center.  It's a paid to park lot, but I'm not sure if you have to pay after 6p or not.

I'll be out of town for Spring Break. Next Time! 

I'll be there.

Originally posted by Account Closed:

Looking forward to finally meeting the infamous Ms. Jensen!

(For the elucidation of all present, Google calendar just aurocorrected Mindy's name to "Money Jensen." Secret identity revealed!)

 Account Closed surely you don't actually think Ms. Jensen is infamous, she is notable for being seemingly gracious and good isn't she? 

Sorry all, I have to withdraw. 

Bruce and I can come!  Looking forward to it!

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