NWREIA - Salem, OR Round Table

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  • 04/12/18 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Parking lot is at the corner of Union and Liberty Streets, 395 Marion St NE, Room 422 Salem, Oregon 97301
  • $10

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Link to register (click on an event, then register): https://www.northwestreia.com/Calendar.aspx

I help moderate this round table. We meet up the 2nd Thursday of each month. Topics vary. Networking is encouraged. This is one of many meetings offered by Northwest www.NorthwestREIA.com).

We generally have 20-40+ people show up to our Salem meetings, with all levels of investing experience. The cost is $10 per meeting, or you can sign up for an annual membership for $150. Please go to the website to register. Northwest

In Salem, we focus on networking and learning. We may invite a local vendor or business to present to our group if we feel they have valuable information to share. We have invited LOCAL real estate agents, title companies, an escrow company, a 1031 exchange company, property managers, a property inspector, and others to present to our group. These folks sell local services, but there is no pressure to buy anything, ever. These are local folks who are good at what they do. Sometimes we just pick a topic to talk about, or other times, we leave it open for general discussion. Please do bring questions - and business cards to swap with others.

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Come check us out. If you found this on BiggerPockets, and that's why you decided to come - please let me know and I'll keep posting our events here. (Note: Folks in the meetings are saying they found it on BiggerPockets. So I'll keep posting them here! :-)

Thanks :-)

Janel Page

Updated about 1 year ago

Oops! Time is incorrect! CORRECT MEETING TIME IS 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

This meeting is coming up on Thursday of this week.  

Our meeting will be open forum, general discussion.  There will be lots of networking time.  We will do more robust round table introductions, and let people talk about deals they have, deals they want, questions they have, and wherever the discussion leads us.  

There's a lot of great info shared at these open forum meetings.  Attendees are generous with details and discussion.  One comment I hear repeatedly is how people are surprised how friendly the group seems, and how willing other attendees are to share.  I'm always happy to hear this comment!  So don't feel intimidated - just come to the meeting and see what it's all about. 

I hope to see you there :-). 

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