City of Buffalo New York Meet Up

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  • 03/14/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • Enter through main entrance, feel free to park in the lot, 656 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222 Buffalo, New York 14222 Buffalo, New York 142222
  • Free

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Our second meet up last month was amazing! So much so we're doing it again at the same place and same time (Thanks again to Max @Michael Calabrese ). 

We'll do another "bring something to share with everyone thing". Lets go lighter on the beverages this go around go for the more snacky foods. 

For the newbies, our deal is we're just a bunch of regular people meeting to get together to talk about real estate investing. We span the gamut from from well seasoned to un seasoned. We're here to talk things out and share our experiences about investing in the Buffalo Metro area. 

Excited to see everyone again this month. Feel free to text me if you have a hard time finding us or just want to chat 716 32 zero- seventeen twenty nine.


This meetup is absolutely great.  It's awesome to share information and learn from others.  There was a wide variety of interest who attended last month.  We had Wholesalers, Property Managers, Architects, Flippers, Finance, RE Agents, Investors and people who wanted to start in real estate.  We talked about past experiences, future business, where to start, how to get money, lease structures, finding deals and much more.

I'll see everyone there!

@Eileen Murray thanks for the heads up on the meeting! Sounds like a great opportunity to meet some great folks. I have one conflict for that time frame that I'm working to resolve. I hope to see you all there!

Awesome! I've tried to set a meet-up over the last couple months and dropped the ball so I am glad to see this is a go. Look forward to meeting everyone. 

Hello Everyone, 

Just a friendly reminder that we're having our 3rd meet up tomorrow. Same place same time (3/14/18 @ 6pm 656 Elmwood ave Buffalo)

Come with all your questions and be ready to share your story to help inspire others. 

Please bring a small snack or drink, non alcoholic and alcoholic is fine to share. We'll be in a great huge space again so make yourselves at home. 

See everyone tomorrow!


Sadly, I can’t make this one. I hope you all have fun and see you next month!

Hi Raylan, I am also not going to make tonights meeting. See you guys next month.

Bummer! Just missed this. Please let me know when the next one is! I am based in NYC but am happy to make the trip up there for these meet ups. Thanks (:

any word on when the next meetup is?

Any word on a meet up for May yet? I’m really interested in joining you all!

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