3 Day - Virtual Note Buying Workshop

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  • 03/09/18 09:00AM - 05:00PM America/Chicago
  • http://weclosenotes.com/virtual-note-buying-workshop/
  • Free

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We're excited to announce our first Virtual Note Buying Workshop of the year this Friday - Sunday (April 9-11th).  We'll spend three days focused on showing you how to Find, Fund and Flip nonperforming notes.  

Special guest speakers include Joel Markovitz (Singer Law Group), Aaron Young (Laughlin & Association), Shante Duffy (Madison Management) and Nathan Long (Quest IRA).

We'll spend Day 1 focused on finding deals in today's market.  

Day 2 will feature the funding side of note investing along with how to market to asset managers and private investors.

Day 3 will feature working through the exit strategies and structuring deals. We'll obviously be covering a ton more on the ABC's of note investing and the nuts and bolts to buying NPN's.

Special sessions include Asset Protection, Loan Servicing, Special Servicing and Self Directed IRA's.

Normal pricing is $699 per person, but we are comping in Bigger Pocket Members for FREE!

You'll also get replays to the event as well if you can't make it.  

Check out this SNEAK PEAK video that we put together to give you some insight on the event!



Awesome! I'm excited to check this out this weekend! Thanks for posting!

We'll be focusing on a variety of topics over the next three days: Non Performing notes (NPN's), raising private capital and using SDIRA's or other people's money (401ks), loan servicing, loan modifications, workouts, foreclosure time frames, vendors, attorneys, short sales. We'll also talk about asset protection, LLC's, S-corp, C-corp and which entity is the best for you! Lots of nuggets packed into 3 days!

I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

I highly recommend @Scott Carson Virtual Note Buying For Dummies Course.  I found it impossible to ingest and execute all the content immediately.  Fear not, you will get access to replays...watch them! You will get the list of everyone that attends...pure gold!  You get added to his ecosystem, which connects you to many people that respond everyday on BP!

Recently I read a BP post from a discouraged first-time fix and flipper that had a skinny deal. Many people commented about the entry strategy. No one commented on the exit strategy. Take a moment to understand the finance side of the REI, and turn a sour deal to good and good deal to great.

You may have zero desire to be a note investor.  How about create your own notes?  This event can help expand your exit strategies and expand your mindset.  That is exactly what #VNBFD did for me and many other BP users.

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