March's CT-NY Real Estate Networking Event (R.E.N.E.)

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  • 03/21/18 07:30PM - 09:30PM America/Adak
  • For parking please go to:, 7 Wall Street Norwalk, Connecticut 06854 Norwalk, Connecticut 06854
  • Free

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NO CHARGE FEE! Please buy a drink or drinks and food at the bar!

Date: Wednesday, March 21st @ 7:30pm!

Location: Peaches Southern Pub & Juke Joint
7 Wall Street, Norwalk CT 06850

We invite you to come, mingle and make deals! (Fairfield County, New Haven County, Hartford County, Westchester County, White Plains, Rye Brook, Port Chester, Armonk, Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton, Weston, Westport, Danbury, Ridgefield, Redding, Easton, Fairfield, Trumbull, Bridgeport, Newtown, Monroe, Shelton, Milford, Orange, West Haven, Ansonia, Seymour)

I've heard great things about your events. Will definitely be there this month.

I wish I can attend, but I am attending another networking even in Port Chester that same day... :)  I am from Stamford myself... Norwalk is a good area they are building a mall there.. and i blog about in my commercial real estate blog.. .. 

Indeed, I have to chose between Westchester and Fairfield county.. opportunities are present all over the place...  but deciding on demographic and specific area.. can be challenging.  

If the event took place on some other day.. maybe i'll be able to make it... but currently i have 3 networking events lined up that I am attending 20, 21, 22 all  in a row..

Ranging from Manhattan, Port Chester, and once again Manhattan.  Not sure if this event is multi family oriented or single family... to be honest my mindset is in multi family world only... but good to know networking events exist in place like Norwalk for sure.

Drinking and eating from the bar.. always a nice touch in terms of bringing business into local town for sure.  

Also one thing I noticed in Norwalk there is not that many multi family units :)  It's a bit tough for sure.. finding one... that makes sense from appreciation standpoint and cashflow....

Upon me comparing Norwalk area to other areas... I still feel the possibilities and economic boom happening... heck i have a part time job in Norwalk connecting pumps to the cloud... value is indeed there... however in comparison to appreciation and anything else for that matter... I am still not convinced... about the city...  at least until the day i see some buildings that makes sense...

I cooked up guys financial formula in my blog to show how I look at commercial real estate from perspective of a math person.  I will try to post it today in my blog on facebook feel free to check it out...   Effectively what I learned.. is that it's tough to get into commercial real estate without a concrete purpose..  I show folks how to get to that purpose while still having a full time job.

It's tough... and almost impossible and only makes sense when the sale between the owner and buyer is direct... without middle man at least for the first property... <--- this is what makes sense.... however... reality of it all bypassing broker is a bit tough.

Investors want to see good deals... but good deals are hard to come by when there is lots of middle man fees... :)  Hopefully at these networking events we can discover how to bypass middle man... regardless of the beneficial factor of the middle man and dive into the concrete details... from the standpoint... where the good deal exists.. how to find them before they get on the market and how to get capital...

This is what folks want to know :)   This is what folks are trying to get to when it comes to financial freedom..  What i discovered in my 2 months and 12 days journey is that... that it takes a lot of hassle... to get the property... under contract... so much hassle.. that it feels intimidating.... to even bother... and instead invest into alternative methods... (at least that is what I thought in my initial journey... my outlook has changed since a bit... discover why it changed...  and see how I document my journey as I drive through Norwalk area and Stamford area and commentate about my discoveries in real time blog)

In regards to attending this event... if you guys reschedule it feel free to count me in.. however i already made commitment to check out event in Port Chester.... Besides that is where i have one of my clients in Port Chester as well.. where I teach student math... hence it makes sense for me to attend the meeting there... although i can equally teach students in Norwalk.. but... the point that I am trying to make is... there are lots of meetings and lots of possibilities and lots of areas to invest in... however... what investors wants to see is great cash on cash return and great ROI.

looks like port Chester event was cancelled too... oh well I guess I missed out on both of the events.

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