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This presentation is so good that Julie does it once a year for the Club. The reason the presentation is so good is... because Julie is an absolute real estate ninja! Not only that, but has really figured out how to talk to sellers.

And not just some sellers, but she has mastered the different types of seller personalities that will come up in almost any seller appointment.

Even if you've seen this presentation before, this could still be the most important learning event that you come to all year. I mean, if you want to close more real estate deals that is...

Event Details
Saturday, May 12th from 4-7pm
Location: Renton Technical College – Room Building C – Room C111
Topic: How to speak to sellers
Speaker: Julie Clark of Seattle Investors Club

What to bring
- Snacks will be provided! Just bring a smile, note taking device, and maybe a few business cards.

Important to know
- Your first event is FREE!
- After that it's $25 for non-members OR $220 for the whole year. The annual membership includes access to our private Facebook group, REAL Deal video training, and ALL of our past recorded events!

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