Advanced Real Estate Investing Class w/ Charles Roberts

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  • 06/06/18 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Denver
  • 2755 South Locust St., #150 Denver, Colorado 80222
  • Free

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On Wednesday, June 6th from 6 AM to 9 PM @Charles Roberts is teaching the "Advanced Real Estate Investing" class. There are no plans for teaching this class online. It's a deep dive into the numbers and best situated for an in-person audience for Q&A.

This class is worthy of giving up your Wednesday night for! Many people have told us how day classes during the week don't work for their schedule. So that's why we're having an evening class.


  • 4 ways to measure investment performance, and when to use (or not use) each metric
  • How real estate investments tend to perform over time, and how that stacks up to the stock market
  • How buying at different phases of the market cycle impacts your returns… and how can you best take advantage of the market cycle?
  • If you are short of equity and want to build your portfolio faster, what’s the best way (and WHEN) to use a refinance
  • How, when and why to use 1031 exchanges to maximize your return
  • Out of state investing vs. Denver case study
  • Preparing for a market downturn

Cost: Free!

Time: Wednesday 6/6 from 6 PM to 9 PM

Location: 2755 South Locust St., #150, Denver, CO 80222


If you're able to go, let me know so we can hi.

Hope you can make it!

@Chris Lopez , no. I made a couple of posts about the scheduling because at the beginning of your post you state that the event is from 6(AM) to 9PM. After I made my posts, I noticed that there were two other places that stated the event was from 6(PM) to 9PM. I was actually interested in attending but, unfortunately, I have an unbreakable engagement at that time.

I think we have a great community here and I would never defame an event or an attempt to gather investors for further education. Good on you.