South Metro Area Realty Topics (SMART) Meetup

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  • 08/21/18 06:00PM - 09:30PM America/Denver
  • Living the Dream Brewery, 12305 Dumont Way Littleton, Colorado 80125
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. Poster certifies that there will be no pitching of products or services at this event.

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If you are an investor (active or passive), wholesaler, agent, attorney, CPA, flipper, lender (traditional, hard money, IRA/401k, savings), tradesman, or just want to learn more about real estate and what options might exist in that area, then this is for you. We are not selling any services, training, or products, though there may be deals announced to the group by those who have them. If you have deals, are looking for deals, or trying to expand your knowledge or clients, come on out. We are here to help you succeed.

This is a free networking event. Come in, get food (or don't), grab a beer (or don't), find the group (or one of the many small groups that usually form up) and introduce yourself. If you are more shy, then a great script to begin with is who you are, what you do, and what you are after.

Meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month. If you are anywhere around Denver Metro or Castle Rock areas, come out and meet others who love investing! For more information, check us out on See you there!

Hi all, I know it's not until next week, but don't forget to mark your calendars! Summer is closing out and it's time to buckle back down... stabilize that portfolio, dig into that new deal while the market slows for school season, or get that bit of advice that's been slowing you down. See you Tuesday! If you haven't signed up on meetup, get in there!