This event is part of Snowball Real Estate Investment Network

Tired of having to constantly source and find opportunities to lend money? Dissatisfied with your money generating 1% in a bank or barely meeting market average returns a 401k? Come hear how you can participate in multifamily syndications from local experts and leaders to achieve 8-12% or even higher returns.

Topics to discuss include but not limited to:
Where are projects taking place?
How is a syndication structured?
How to prospect for opportunities?
How can you participate?


Boris Liubovitch, Principal 
Wealth Grow Investments with over 650 units under management

Brian Burke, President/CEO
Praxis Capital, over $150million asset under management

6:30pm - Networking

7:00pm - Introductions

7:15pm - Featured speakers

8:15pm- Networking and talk to panelists