Portland Real Estate Investor Meetup - September 19 in NoPo

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  • 09/19/18 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Private event room, 1700 N Killingsworth St Portland, Oregon 97217
  • Free

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Hello fellow BiggerPocket Portland members! I've been hearing from a lot of you after getting interviewed on BiggerPockets Podcast Show 291 and it's awesome to see such a vibrant local community of investors both new and seasoned.

Portland has a really special real estate investor community and connecting with other investors and entrepreneurs is vital to your success in the industry. That's why we are going to be hosting a pure networking meet-up on Wednesday September 19th at the Lucky Lab on N. Killingsworth from 6-9pm.

Even if you're brand new to BiggerPockets, a first time investor or a seasoned Pro, money lender or contractor, wholesaler or business professional, be sure to be there and meet other members and those interested in Real Estate investing from the Portland area including Portland, Gresham, Vancouver, Oregon City, Willamette Valley (McMinnville, Dundee, etc), Hood River, Salem, Beaverton, and so many more great areas!

This is a FREE event with a bartender that you can order drinks and food. Can't wait to see you there and please tag anyone you know that invests in the area to come!

I heard your podcast, Neal, and really enjoyed your story. My husband and I are newbies at this and over the past 2 years own and manage 13 units and growing.  I would love to meet you and some of the other local Portland investors in the area. Thanks for organizing this.


HI my name is Ahad, and I'm a new investor and i'm really excited about the opportunity to just be in the room with people who share some of the same ideas that i only dream about today, it going to be like food for  my soul. I tired a fix and flip recently and had to pull the deal because I couldn't come up with the closing cost, but it was still and exciting experience and I can't wait to close my first deal. see you there on the 19th

Your Net Worth is equal to your network! 

We're excited about the upcoming meet and greet event on September 19th. It sounds like it's going to be a great group and even have a some high powered investor counterparts coming down from Seattle to talk shop about investing in Portland, Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest.

People like to work with people they know so come grab a drink and do some elbow rubbing with fellow real estate investors!

Be sure to sign up at the top of this event page and mark it in your calendars!

Hi Portlanders! I'm a Portland landlord (two duplexes currently, and an ADU in the works) and a residential Realtor (specializing in residential resale - don't work with a ton of investors - yet!).

I’ll be at the meeting and I’d *love* to meet up before/during/after the meeting with:

1) anyone who who has invested out of state, especially NOT turnkey. I’m ready to venture out for my next multi family purchase and would love to hear about your experiences!

2) investors/flippers who'd like to get (probably infrequent) alerts about potential off market deals that I run across when I'm out prospecting in neighborhoods (east pdx and Gresham). I have a little list of investors who I contact when the seller wants an off market cash deal instead of going to the MLS. I'd like to make it a little bigger! This isn't my bread and butter, and I won't spam you. But I'd like to be able to connect distressed sellers with legit investors, when the situation calls for it.