Destin / Fort Walton Beach area Networking

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  • 09/25/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago
  • Twisted Grape Wine Bar, 1193 Eglin Pkwy Shalimar, Florida 32579
  • Free

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Come and network with other local real estate investors and real estate professionals who invest in the following areas: Destin Fort Walton Beach Shalimar Niceville Navarre Mary Esther Crestview Miramar Beach

Some of the Topics Covered: Multifamily, Rentals, Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Private lending, Personal growth, BRRR, Delayed financing exemption

We hope that we can share ideas and do deals together.

There is no formal teaching during these meetups, just networking.

WHEN: Tuesday September 25 6:00pm-8:00pm

VENUE: Twisted Grape - 1193 B Eglin Pkwy, Shalimar, FL

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Hi! I'm not physically in the area anymore--I am active duty military-- but plan on returning to the beautiful Emerald Coast upon completion of my military career. I currently own a single-family residence in North FWB and a condo in Shalimar under property management with long-term tenants. I'm highly interested in educating and applying myself in real estate investment. I'd love to network with a local group with an online forum if that's available. 

@Arianne L. Yes, I want to focus my investments on real estate in the Emerald Coast. I'm interested in single-family residences and small multifamily properties that I can buy & hold for passive income.

@Arianne L. @Arianne L. Do you pay the just the mortgage on the properties you rent or do you also put some of the other properties in some of the mortgage? My biggest concern is the debt part of what if I don’t get a tenant in there. I have had family members not have tenants for 3-12 months before and the taxes in Florida were expensive sure to hurricane, flood,fire and property insurance then on top of that, home owners insurance. How do you protect your assets if anything’s happens to them physically?

@Giovanni Luna If you don't get a tenant in it's either 1) your rent is way overpriced 2) whoever is managing your property isn't marketing your property the right way. In the current environment for B and C class housing we get 10-20 applicants within 24 hours. You protect your assets physically by proper maintenance and having the right insurance coverage

Watch a lot of the BP webinars I think those might help 

@Arianne L. That’s good to know. Did you have the same turn around in the Pensacola area? I have been trying to absorb as much webinars as possible and post cast shows on YouTube. I saw your with Brian and your book. I’m very interested in the taxes part of it. Would it be possible to buy from you directly? I know that as an author you get a certain amount of books as my wife is as well. It would be more money in your pocket than going through an affiliate.