Sometimes you just need to hangout with similarly minded people. Shared goals and interests are a great way to spark a conversation that could end up creating your next deal!

     For this Meetup we will not have a speaker but we will have a focus: Your goals and what the next steps are to achieve those goals. At times our goals become such a focus that we forget to take the steps to actually make them a reality. What is your next step? Do you know how to take it? Is there a way to skip that step to move ahead more efficiently? Come talk to like minded investors that may be able to help you identify and take those next steps.

     Bring your deals, your ideas, your skills, and your knowledge; this one is all about networking!

Key word alerts for local areas: Rogue Valley Ashland Talent Phoenix Jacksonville Applegate Medford Central Point Rogue River Gold Hill White City Eagle Point Grants Pass Shady Cove Klamath Falls in Oregon