Join the Real Estate Round Table as we welcome Randy Just. He will dive deep into the numbers of how to analyze a real estate deal. Whether you're flipping a property or plan to hold it, BRRRR method, you need to know your numbers. As it's often said in the real estate investing community, "you make your money when you buy." Randy will demonstrate his approach to the numbers using real examples of his flips and the spreadsheet he uses to calculate deals. So, join us an learn from one of the best local flippers in our real estate investing community.


Contrary to popular lore, Randy didn’t pop out of his mother’s womb with a fist pump exclaiming Let’s Flip This House. He has worn other hats prior to flipping homes.

Randy is an ex-bean counter and financial applications software engineer. On his life journey he got bit by the Real Estate bug. Prior to receiving his Real Estate license over a decade ago, he purchased multiple unit properties for long term investment.

After binge watching TV shows of the Flip This House genre, he decided to take on the challenge himself. He has flipped a wide variety of homes from the smelly to the ugly to the disgusting. Randy often mentions that the homes he purchases “speak to him” in terms of color selection and work to be done. His flipped homes are often the best in the neighborhood selling for top dollar regardless of market conditions. Randy’s focus is on developing a reputation for quality homes and repeat business from the real estate community. Often noted Randyisms are “If I see the buyer of one of my homes in the Grocery Store, I don’t want to run from them” and “You make your money when you purchase the property”.

In doing his flip homes, Randy follows an analytical strategy of determining purchase price and necessary improvements to obtain maximum resale value.

Real Estate Round Table Meetup

Just Know Your Numbers – Real Estate Deal Analysis with Randy Just

Monday, January 14, 2018, 6pm-9pm

Fulton 80 Taphouse

2600 Auburn Boulevard Sacramento

(Inside the Ramada Hotel)

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