Flipping 101 : Glendale, ca

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  • 02/16/19 11:00AM - 12:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 328 W Garfield ave Glendale , California 91204
  • Free

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Do you want to learn how to flip homes? This is a hands on learning experience. We will meet here at the actual home we are flipping! 

Come and find out: how much the home was purchased for? How much will go into renovations? What the exit strategy will be? etc 

This home is currently in progress and you will get a chance to walk the property and see what you would do to renovate it, see what a live flip looks like before it undergoes renovations. 

We will be there for 1 hour only! Other companies are charging their clients $30k to learn this stuff and you get it here for FREE.... 

Come network, bring a positive feel good attitude and learn something! Please rsvp to let me know someone is coming... :) 

@Christian Bachelder  

saturday the 16th : at the home: 328 w. garfield ave glendale ca (please let me know if you can't see this info on the actual post): it should be on there. :) 

hello everyone - hope to see you saturday! 

11am to 12pm @ 328 w garfield ave glendale ca, 91204 

see you then 

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