The two most important things to have access to for any real estate transaction (besides knowledge) are:

1) The Deal
2) The Money

At this months Meetup group we are going in depth with everything related to the MONEY side of your deals.

- How to find money...
- How to use your own money or other peoples money...
- How to creatively structure your deals...
- How to create a win-win deal with your capital partner...

Please RSVP at

We will breakdown the following:

1) What are all the different funding sources available. Pros & Cons of each.
2) Ways to creatively structure a money partnership through partnerships, gap funding, 2nd trusts, LLC ventures etc..
3) Fully understanding your REAL NUMBERS and returns on your deals.

Wednesday, February 20th at 6pm at Nottingham's in Columbia, MD.

Free to attend but please RSVP. Please share with a friend who wants to invest in real estate this year!!

No Pitching, No Selling, No Gurus


Jason Balin & Chris Haddon
Real Estate Investing Incubator Meetup Group