Buy & Hold investors have unique issues and challenges and who knows them better than other Landlords!

They meet for 3 months every other year. In that time, our senators and representatives will submit, consider and vote on up to 2,000 bills. Some of those bills affect you, your assets and your livelihood. We've brought in a woman from Little Rock to give us some insight into what goes on during those 3 months.

Sarah Scanlon is a consultant who's been involved with the political process for many years. She has conducted candidate training, run state-wide campaigns and developed issue strategies for various organizations. She'll join us Tuesday to discuss:

HB1410: The Minimum Standards bill introduced by Jimmy Gazaway, an attorney and first-term Representative from Paragold.

SB170: County and Municipal Regulation of Residential Building Design Elements determining who can set design standards for housing.

What to do to make your voice heard by those who are making the laws

How to keep up with rapidly moving legislation that may affect you

Join us for a lively discussion and get an insider's view of how our laws are being made, who is investor-friendly and what issue are being planned that affect real estate investors. We'll have a great conversation, learn a lot and enjoy a wonderful lunch. See you at The Egg and I!