Greetings, BP Family! This will be the SECOND meeting of BPREI - Prince William County (aka Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investors in Prince William County). My main goals for this group are for it to be education-oriented, welcoming to all no matter where they are in their journey, and useful for networking.

I (Barb) am a newbie and would love to see this group be a welcoming mix of folks from the new to the experienced. Let's make this a rewarding experience for anyone and everyone who turns up. Maybe we won't know everything, but we'll put you in touch with someone who can help with what you're trying to learn about.

As for how we use the time, I think there's benefits to both general socializing as well as a more structured discussion group. Let's plan on this first one being meet & greet, getting to know each other, what our goals are, what our expertise is in, what we're looking to get out of such meetings, etc. Maybe we can plan discussions on a topic for some months, or we can stick to people discussing what's on their plates at the moment and get everyone's input. Let's turn this group into what we need it to be. For example, I myself am looking for a mentor, with a few successful buy-and-hold rental properties, for accountability with good rapport and a similar philosophy to mine.

Logistically speaking, my / our goal is to meet on a Monday or Thursday in approximately the third week of every month. Right now we're looking at a 6:30 - 8:30 time frame and using libraries in Eastern Prince William County to keep these cost-accessible to everyone. For this second meeting we'll be in the larger Community Room. Food and beverages are permitted! 

Next meeting: TBD.