251 s lake ave. pasadena ca 91101 suite 150: 10am to 11am (maybe 1130am :) 

Park in the structure : its free  

My name is Sebastian and I help investors make a lot of money flipping homes or buying rental property! 

My brother and myself also flip homes and are looking to buy and hold! 

Come learn how to analyze and buy a SFH. We will use the concept of "house hacking" they use here at bigger pockets.

How to cash flow in the very difficult market of California and (LA County). 

Many people think you cannot cash flow here... lets see if we can fight this myth :) ? 

We will look at actual homes on the market, then we will see what it would take to buy them and then do the numbers and see if these homes could be good potentials! 

We will look at 'Air b and b's and ADU's to help house hack these homes. Come from contribution and ready to help! *** it would help if you brought an iPad or computer so that you can help and get hands on experience!

Park in the structure as it is FREEEEEE to do so! 

251 s lake ave. pasadena ca 91101 suite 150