Maui Wealth Builders second Investors Meetup

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  • 07/11/19 05:30PM - 07:30PM Pacific/Honolulu
  • The new Starbucks across from target, next to fork & salad, 120 Hookele st Kahului , Hawaii 96732
  • Free

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Aloha everyone!

Come join us Thursday July 11th for the second Maui Wealth Builders Real Estate Investors Meetup organized by Pono Properties &! There is no fee and there will be no pitching of any products or services.

We will meet at the tables outside at the new Starbucks, next door to Fork and Salad across from Target at 5:30PM. Please come prepared to learn and to share your knowledge and experience so that we can all help each other and grow our businesses together!

The Maui Wealth Builders group was organized to go a little deeper than our normal meetups. We will be holding events with experienced full time investors presenting and sharing their knowledge, and we will have events where you can bring a deal you are currently analyzing to present to the group and get feedback/input/suggestions from the most experienced investors on Maui.

If you have a deal you are analyzing and would like input on please bring all the numbers if you’re willing to discuss. 

Message me with any questions or suggestions, and PLEASE click "attend event" so we know how many to expect.

Looking forward to it! Always open to deals or partnering as well.

Any suggestions on a hard money lender $350k (prefer someone or company on Maui), any suggestions or experiences? Called a few with offices on Oahu and ones outside of Hawaii. Got a deal under contract but want to see other options.

@Cassie Chun

Oh yeah! Cory just started lending right? I wonder what his minimum is.. I might be looking for a couple small HMLs soon under 100k each

Reminder Maui investors:

Meetup is tomorrow! 

PLEASE RSVP if you plan to attend by clicking “attend event” at the top of this page

Meetup is still ON - Starbucks is busy with people stranded from the fire but there are a bunch of tables open at the Dominos next door, on the wailuku side (left if you’re looking at Starbucks) about 250 feet. Look for the blue umbrellas and white tables.

Great meetup last night despite a massive fire and half the highways being closed, preventing people from leaving Kihei! Thanks to everyone who drove through the Armageddon to learn and grow your investing business!

I have two leads for flips on big island for 139k and 344k if anyone’s interested in those LMK. I’ll post them in the market place shortly.

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