This Meeting will Provide Great Information and be a Lot of Fun as we provide the counter point to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver's show about #ClaytonHomes #MobileHomes, #MobileHomeBuyers, and #MobileHomeParks. 

Investing in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks is not the same thing. Our guest speaker Bryce Robertson is a Real Estate entrepreneur, educator and driving force behind the PropertyWorkz team. Bryce will provide details of what to do and what to avoid when investing in Mobile Home Parks. Join us for more insight into the ever-important topic of Affordable Housing and Mobile Home Investing.

We do ask you to watch the April 6, 2019 episode of the HBO show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Mr. Oliver "slams mobile home industry" ( and examined "How Wealthy Mobile Home Investors Prey on the Poor"( - If you do not have HBO, you can find it by searching on YouTube - John Oliver Clayton Homes -

Bryce will provide detailed counterpoints to each comment made by John Oliver on #LastWeekTonight .

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