Join the Rarebird Investor Network on Thursday, September 5 at 9 AM for our master class, Navigating 1031 Exchange in Partnerships. Doug Blackwell, Oregon VP of Investment Property Exchange Services will discuss 1031 Exchange issues that can arise when individual partners have different investment objectives. Learn how to preempt problems through advanced planning and navigate some of the following common issues…

  • -Distributing an undivided interest
  • -Liquidating partnerships and distribution of tenancy-in-common interests
  • -“Drop and Swap” and “Swap and Drop” transactions
  • -Purchase of the interest of a retiring partner
  • -Partnership division
  • -Purchase of multiple properties by partnership
  • -And more!

    CE Certificates are available for licensed attendees.

    Space is limited, so please RSVP using the link here:

    Our Master Classes are designed as deep-dive educational opportunities for our Rarebird Investor Network Members!

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