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Even if you just want to cherry pick the very best, most discounted properties to hold and rent, this information is GOLD!

15 years ago Tom Zeeb was broke as a joke. A near-death experience while rafting pushed him to find a new way to break free of his 9-to-5 job. In a nutshell, real estate investing saved him. Both personally and financially. Hundreds of deals later, he is happy to share the same techniques that set him free, so you can do the same. Tom will demystify the most critical aspects of wholesale flipping real estate deals to make it super simple to learn and master! 

In this intensive, all-day workshop, you will learn:

*How to wholesale houses for a quick profit

*How to negotiate deals like a pro (even if the thought of negotiating scares you)

*How wholesale flipping fits in to your real estate investing business and will fund your lifestyle goals.

Tom will explain the underlying concepts so you can understand and will improve every aspect of your life as your business grows quickly. Using real-life examples, Tom will share many different techniques that you can put into action TODAY!

Don’t miss this very special event as Tom reveals his techniques to cash in on the current market!

Register right away HERE (There's a pre-register price of $47 for non-members but the day of the event, it will be $67)

**Tom will be teaching and training all day, and will offer his business kit with contracts, audios, etc at an additional cost. There is no pressure to purchase the additional items, but they will be offered in case you don't already have your own contracts, etc ready to go.

**Coldwell Banker is providing the training room for this event, but has no affiliation with Tom Zeeb. They support the Appleton REIA and have generously provided the space for us to use instead of an uncomfortable hotel room all day.