OKC Real Estate Investors with Renascent Mastermind Presents:

Real Estate Contracts | Workshop Series

with special guest experts Jackie Short, Real Estate Attorney

Contracts with Attorney Jackie Short at Renascent MastermindContracts with Attorney Jackie Short at Renascent Mastermind

Learn all things about Contracts:

• How is the contract formed?

• Elements of an enforceable contract.

• Remedies for contract breaches?

• Best practices

• and so much more!


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Clerk for a veteran lawyer early in her career, Jackie began her own law practice and has become an experienced litigator, including in administrative law. Jackie Short’s legal practice reflects a broad range, including for a “mentally challenged” woman divorcing an abusive husband. Others receiving help from her legal ability have included looking for a “rightful inheritance” and an elderly woman owed back pay from a “deadbeat employer.” In another instance, she battled successfully for an older couple who had to fend off an adverse possession claim over their land. Her descriptions of cases she has worked over the decades are compelling and literate.

“Environmental attorney” is one term she used, in an interview with The Oklahoman, to summarize her focus. She has worked both defense and plaintiff cases for oil and gas. She has wide-ranging knowledge of business issues and is a licensed real estate broker.

A native Oklahoman, she was born on a farm near the small community of Lacy and grew up in a large family. She comfortably discusses her Hispanic and Germanic heritage. Her father became a police officer in Hennessey, where Jackie earned her high school degree Both her parents had EMT training and skills, which helped fashion her eclectic personal interests and abilities.

For three decades, Short raised and cared for her niece, Angela, who has cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities. She has adjusted well, Jackie told The City Sentinel, and now lives in a group home. After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma, she garnered the Master of Liberal Arts degree from Oklahoma City University. She did that while attending night school and working in construction. Jackie earned a juris doctorate from the University of Oklahoma law school. During her time in law school, she worked on law review.

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