Value Add Real Estate Investment Group

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  • 11/02/19 10:15AM - 01:15PM America/New_York
  • Come in through the side entrance, 1011 Bryant Street Rahway, New Jersey 07065
  • Free

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Hello everyone and welcome to our fluff free value add meetup where we take topics surrounding the real estate world and break them down into detail. We encourage anyone who plans to come to send anything they would like to learn more about on this thread so we can add it to our agenda. If you have any questions about the meet up, feel free to contact me.

For this weeks meetup, we decided to take a new approach. We realized that a lot of the people who attended our previous meetups really enjoyed the “deal deep dives” because of all the information the speakers would provide to the audience. We decided that this weeks meetup will be based around analyzing properties in different ways to utilize your time and money as efficient as possible. Below you can find an agenda with a breakdown of this week's meet up.

Networking and/or meet and greet

  • There will be coffee and bagels in the morning for anyone attending

Flip vs. Hold vs. BRRRR

  • What is the difference?
  • What are the positives for each?
  • What are the negatives for each?

Lets run a real time analysis for each……...

  • We will run a real time analysis for a Flip
  • We will run a real time analysis for a Hold
  • We will run a real time analysis for a BRRRR

Deal Deep Dive

  • Someone that is attending the group will break down one of their deals to the group

Q and A

  • Attendees will have opportunity to ask any questions.

Pitch Session

  • Attendees will be given a chance to offer any current deals or opportunities they might have.
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