Real Estate Investing: What do I do next?!?

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  • 12/12/19 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Jackson Creek Pizza Company, in the banquet room, 317 E Main St. Medford, Oregon 97501
  • Free

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Are you interested in Real Estate but not sure where to start or what your next step is? Is there a deal that you are missing a few pieces to? Did you start your real estate journey but aren't getting the results you want?

We are getting together to troubleshoot/ workshop/ roundtable/ mastermind anyone and everyone's real estate situation. Another set of eyes may see something you didn't. Someone may have already traveled that path and have some tips and tricks. An outside perspective may break open a whole new way of working through a deal.

Whether you are working on a deal currently or trying to figure out your very first steps, we will use collective knowledge and creativity to help move people forward in their real estate investing. Bring as much info as you can and let's figure it out!

This is an excellent opportunity for those that have 'been there and done that' to help the next investor avoid the pitfalls and become better.

Come for the information, stay for the networking!

Key word alerts for local areas: Rogue Valley Ashland Talent Phoenix Jacksonville Applegate Medford Central Point Rogue River Gold Hill White City Eagle Point Grants Pass Shady Cove Klamath Falls in Oregon

@Ryan Plummer   

I know this is an old post but thought I would reply anyway.  The environment has changed a lot this year especially in Southern Oregon, between COVID and the intense fire devastation. Are you still trying to host meet ups?  Have you guys moved to Zoom or some other method with the current limitations?  I would love to learn more about the Southern Oregon market in general especially from people who are local.  My wife and I are in the Portland Metro but travel through to visit family in CA and have been looking at Southern Oregon as one possible location to invest.

@Jonathan Stone

We are doing meetups on Zoom for the time being.  As things open up we will move back to in-person meetings.  To stay active, virtual is the best way right now.

This was the most recent...

We will have another one next week but have yet to decide if it will be topic based with a speaker or continue the open format to help people with their specific situations.  Keep an eye out!  I will also try and remember to post a link in this thread.