HAPCO - The Best Tax Benefits Of Real Estate Investing

Date: February 15th, 2020

Time: 10am-12pm

Location: Philly Office Retail | 4701 Germantown Ave | 1st Floor | Philadelphia, PA 19119

Presented By: Joseph L. Reyes, CPA

Discussion: The Best Tax Benefits Of Real Estate Investing

Overview: Key Takeaways

•There are a number of significant tax benefits that come with investing in real estate, but arguably the number one benefit is the deductions investors get to take advantage of.

•Investors can also take advantage of capital gains, which are the profits homeowners make when they sell their real estate property.

•Another lesser known tax benefit investors can take advantage of is the self-employment/FICA tax, which will save you on the income you receive from rental properties.

Joe will overview Navigating The Top Real Estate Investing Tax Benefits, Deductions, Capital Gains, Depreciation, 1031 Exchange & Self-Employment/FICA Tax