Have you ever dreamed of investing in larger scale real estate projects, but you were intimidated by the amount needed to invest or felt it was too complicated? Then this is a must listen to webinar!

Sean McKay, Senior VP of American IRA and guest speaker Christopher A. Larsen, M.B.A., President of Next Level Income will be hosting a webinar on August 7th at 12:00 p.m.

Chris has been investing in and managing real estate for over 20 years. He began syndicating deals in 2016, has raised more than $15 million and been activiely involved in over $150 million of real estate acquisitions.

Join us for this information packed webinar where Chris Larsen will share with us the secrets of the ultra wealthy real estate investors.

Chris will share concepts such as:

*Analyzing real estate markets.

*Determining what team members are needed to invest in an apartment complex.

*Understanding the cashflow.

*How you can be a passive investor in large real estate deals.

Even if you are unable to attend live, sign-up that way you receive the recording.