All Things ADU with Derek Sherrell

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   Accessory dwelling unit, additional dwelling unit, secondary dwelling unit, mother-in-law unit; regardless of what your city calls it, it is an investment tool that is often overlooked. While the masses clamor to buy up multi-family real estate, you may have the ability to make your own property a cash-flowing, multi-family investment!

Derek Sherrell has done dozens of ADU builds over the last 24 years. From planning and zoning to the design and build, Derek will share his step by step process to creating your own small multi-family property.

Join the call and learn how you can use an asset that you already own to create cash-flow right in your back yard!

Key word alerts for local areas: Rogue Valley Ashland Talent Phoenix Jacksonville Applegate Medford Central Point Rogue River Gold Hill White City Eagle Point Grants Pass Shady Cove Klamath Falls in Oregon

@Ryan Plummer

I purchased my first rental property/house hack with a SFR that has an ADU. It's treated me very well so far and hope that as my investing grows, I can find more of them! Prices have skyrocketed around Medford though. Hoping it settles down soon.

Hey Tim, his situation has been a little unique. He is basically retired and was able to do a lot of the work himself. It's a two-story with the first story being a large shop and the second story is a two bed/one bath apartment. My brother is planning to rent it out so it may not be an accurate depiction of market rate. I think it could rent for at least $1,000-$1,100. His total investment into it is $60,000.

Forrest Faulconer