Are you looking to raise capital for your apartment syndication?

Do you know the proper way to setup the fund you are looking to create?

Reaching out to private lenders to fund your opportunities or business?

Knowing the correct way to setup your business is the first step.

Who to work with on creating the fund, the proper way to legally market
and the forms needed to get the funding are the big questions.

We'll be answering all of those questions and more so you can do it the right way!

Speaker: Tariq Hussain, Esq.


has over a decade of experience dealing in corporate law, complex civil

litigation, and securities regulations. He has worked on complex,

multi-district litigation such as In re Terrorist Attacks of September

11, 2001, SDNY.

In addition, Tariq has represented real estate funds and small private
companies in preparing private offerings under Regulation A+, Regulation
D and Regulation Crowdfunding.

Tariq has served as managing
partner at his law firm for the last 8 years. In his current law
practice, Tariq focuses on increasing education and awareness of
securities regulations compliance to startup companies, small funds and
first-time managers.

Wednesday, July 28 6:30PM

RSVP: $15 / person (purchase RSVP ticket on EventBrite, link below)
At Door: $20 / person

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