How to tell the new neighbors you’re running an airbnb

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So my girlfriend and I just bought a house with incredible mountain views and are planning on turning the property into a vacation rental.

The problem is, the new neighbors suffer from various mental illnesses and are very low income. They are far too nosy and intrusive to operate a relaxing mountain getaway. They’ve already requested we remove trees obstructing their view and to take down a large light on a power line pole. The previous owner had legal and personal feuds with them too. Just trust me...they’re way too close for comfort.

Ipso facto the decision has been made to build a 6 foot privacy fence in between the properties to separate our business and these neighbors. There are no restrictions on fence height. The big issue is going to be that the fence will mostly block the deranged neighbors’ view of the mountain range.

How do I prevent an atomic meltdown from the neighbors on Saturday when they see us outside building a 6+ foot fence in front of their view?

Second question: How do you break it to the neighbors when you buy a new property that it will strictly be vacation renters living there? Obviously people don’t want a new person staying next door to them every night.

All ideas and advice welcome!

This sounds like a NIGHTMARE. I have no constructive advice to give - sorry you are in this situation. It sounds like you already know that this is going to be a major problem for you.

Make sure its all legal you already know they will go that route.

Since you say low income.  Try offering $25 a booking go straight in their pockets.  Tax Free. What low income wouldnt go for that .   

This sounds like a huge problem in the making. When they start irritated your guests that is going to wreck your possible business.

Sounds like you need to sell and find another location.

@Cameron Calvert I would try to buy the neighbors out, if at all possible. If not, then switch to a long term rental strategy and carefully pick tenants who will be able to get along with the neighbors, or sell. It doesn't sound like building the fence is really going to solve the problem, and may potentially make it worse unfortunately. Having a good relationship with any close neighbors is pretty critical in operating an STR successfully. They can make your life miserable and have a big negative effect on your business rather easily.

You're in a popular STR area. Build the wall, don't skirt the issue, and say as little as possible. But be friendly and polite and do not come to any judgment about their perceived income. It has nothing to do with you. Maybe their blocked view will cause them to move.

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@Cameron Calvert

You could wear a disguise while you build the fence. Then they won’t know it was you.

 or you could disguise the fence...