How do i get started with Airbnb Arbitrage?

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@Adedayo Odugbesan I have 2 friends who got started this way. It’s definitely not for me - but I have talked with them about renting to them.

My friends love it, but it is a job (a big one), so both use it for a way to eventually move into buying properties.

It seems that building a strong team is #1 - just like any other REI strategy.

- Mentor/Group

- Accountant/Bookkeper

- Maintenance Company

- Cleaning Company

- Insurance Agent who can help

And of course the tools

- Management Software

- Deal Analysis Spreadsheet

- Strategies to find rentals and approach landlords

- The right contracts / attorney

Then run the numbers on available rentals to practice - and find deals that work.

Have you read a book (or listened on Audible) to become educated about how to do it successfully?

I read a lot of articles when I was approached by an arbitrager to rent my property. There is a lot of good info out there.

That would be a great first step - then run numbers, make offers, and get going!

Action is the best teacher once you have the knowledge.

Just beware: getting into it with very little money and making good returns makes this very addictive - much like a good-paying 9-5 job. If you want to end up with mailbox money, it’s a good idea to creat a plan with rules you set and follow to wean yourself from it so you can free yourself up with passive income.

@Adedayo Odugbesan

Airbnb Automated on YouTube. There are 100’s of hours of video by Sean Rakidzich who is a guru in the arbitrage space. He does offer courses however the free content gets most people started.

@Adedayo Odugbesan

There’s a gentleman on Instagram that does this. All the information you will ever need. He reply’s back very quick and has lots of videos. I deleted my Instagram account and soon Facebook account. Can’t help you with the name.

Hi Adedayo,

I have found the training from enough to get started and at an affordable price of $197. Arbitrage is taking the Real Estate world by storm! So far it's been a well kept secret, so not surprised some people in this thread are reluctant about it. Don't let the old school stop you. Grant Cardone just interviewed an Arbitrage expert on his podcast and was stunned. It's not easy to stun the Cardone! There is also tons of free training on YouTube from experts like AirBnB Automated, there's a Tai Lopez interview to Arbitrage Mogul Brian Page, on Tai's channel Empire of Entrepreneur, that has some teaching gems as well... People like IG @sdeanrealestate provide info on the legal and financial side of things including the variety of grants available for small businesses. The accessibility, flexibility and fast scalability of this model is par to none I've encountered before. Best of luck !!