We bought a tiny house

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Yes, we did it.  Does that count as our first deal?  

The house is on a trailer and is 8' x 18'.  The guys who built it are going to add a covered porch onto if after we move it to our place.  Pictures are here if you're interested:  http://houston.craigslist.org/for/5149881504.html  There's some interior finishing up to do, but I think it's pretty cute.

Anyway, the plan is to set it up on our property, which is a Christmas tree farm just outside of Houston.  There isn't anything to offer here in terms of activities other than going for walks in the trees, but we plan to put a fire pit area outside and just make it into a quiet retreat kind of place.  Yes, I know that the rest of you Houston folks are laughing about how practical a fire pit is around here! A pool would be better, but alas, that's pretty pricey. 

We have a customer base from the tree farm (about 2,000 Facebook likes) and hope to start there with marketing and will list the property on AirBNB or HomeAway.  

We have some work to do before it will be ready to rent.  We have to do some leveling and put in a road, bring electric to the site, install a septic system, and beautify our pond with a waterfall and some landscaping.  We hope this rental will do well enough that we can add another one.  If so, all that site work will already be done, so we can spread the cost of it over the 2 units.  We hope to have it looking nice and ready to rent by Thanksgiving so that all of our Christmas tree customers will see it and think, "I want to stay there!"

That's awesome and super exciting! It unique, different and back to nature. I am sure it will have tons of interest. You should market in the winter time, for those further away who want to get christmas tree! This way they can drive up, spend the night and than shop in the morning.Just a thought!

My goal is to do vacation homes starting next year! Can't wait to follow your success and growth!!

I love the creativity! Sounds like a wonderful place to go if you need some quiet time to think, read or write.   I wish you the best with it.  

Congrats @Leigh Ann Smith , yes, it counts! If you need help with anything, let me know. I'm an Insurance Agent/Realtor.

Oh congratulations @Leigh Ann Smith ! Good for you! Sounds like you have a plan - don't know your area at all - but why not? Now I just have to get up the nerve to go look at that fixer-upper in Costa Rica that I've been eyeing... I want a vacation rental too. Still planning to build my Tiny House next to my Tiny Apartment as well. 

Congratulations! How fun....tiny is great for vacation rentals. Guest is only there for at most a week, less for you to clean, furnish, maintain and pay utilities on. The more people, the more trouble and the more chance for damage I think, I'm a huge fan for tiny. 

We have a one bedroom 600 ft trailer on a lake that is fully booked with guests spring to fall, and weekends in winter also get a lot of action. 5 star reviews for 8 years, never once has someone said it's too small. 

Best of luck, keep us posted as to your success! 

@Leigh Ann Smith oh my gosh I love this story and post - so freaking creative. I saw a documentary on Tiny Houses - pretty interesting stuff. How much you going to rent that little thing for? 

That's a pretty creative plan. I really like it. The septic system may be a bit of a price problem though. Do you have a low cost way to deal with that? Hopefully the tree farm has the equipment on hand already for digging. 

I think I went to your farm last Christmas!  Off Hwy 6?  How fun.  How much will you charge for rent?

Congratulations on your new purchase! This can be a good opportunity in tourism where people can come to shop for Christmas tree and also spend a day there. I really have to appreciate the creative brain behind this. we have a tree house build in our farm as a tourist stay. We had taken vacation home mortgage to build this and thanks to the brisk business we can close the mortgage this year.

@Brad Carrier , the septic system is expensive, we're thinking maybe $7K, but we had been considering adding one anyway.  We have portapotties for our tree farm customers to use, and people really hate portapotties.  So, we've been hoping to eventually put in restrooms.  That would also make us better equipped to host company picnics and other events.  If we can make that work for our cabin rentals also, we'll be spreading the cost around.

@Brenda Logan , yep, that's us off Hwy 6!  If you come this year, be sure to look for me and say hello. Also look to see if we have that tiny house all set up by the pond!

@Joe Fairless , just comparing to 1 bedroom vacation rentals in the Houston area, I don't think we'd be able to charge more than $100/night and maybe not that much.  I hope I'm wrong about that, though!  The great thing about renting through these websites is that you can change your prices as you get a feel for what the market will bear.

Awesome!  Congrats!  I would love to put some of these on some property I have, but I'm not sure my rental market would support it.  SO exciting though.

@Leigh Ann Smith Having an extra reason for putting in septic is a great idea. Not many situations give you multiple purposes for that expense.

@Jimmy Moncrief , we did not really look at composting toilets.  For one thing, the tiny house we purchased already had a regular flush toilet installed.  Also, since we are using it as a vacation rental, we think guests might not adjust to that too well.  :-)

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