Real estate license in Florida, lives in Georgia

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Good morning everyone,

I am thinking about getting a real estate license in Florida, where my property is. If I sell or buy something else, I could do it myself. I could also sell other properties now and then, as a part time job. I am interested in learning more about the business and as an engineer, this will be something completely different and challenging.

Is this a good idea, since I still live in Georgia? Planning to maybe move to Florida in the years to come...We will travel now and then and could match the trips with some realtor activities...


So you want to try and save 3% and enroll in the school of hard knocks.     I'd wager in the short term this isn't going to a fun experience, but at least you will have nobody else to blame.   

Hi, Syliva
I am currently going through a class here in Georgia to get my license. I have learned that you must have a license in the state you wish to sell. That being flordia for you. But since you live in Georgia you will have some issue with the board. I would get my license in Georgia and then talk to a broker in flordia and exspress to him you are an agent in Georgia and you have some properties in Flordia and go through the steps there to be allowed to sell real estate. I hope this helps and good luck to you!

Georgia and Florida have what is called reciprocity for licensing.   The forms and criteria can be found on the GREC website.   Pretty straight forward and easily accomplished.  

Good Luck!

I was a broker in Florida a while back, and still have my license. When I moved to Georgia, all I had to do was call GREC and they told me which form to fill out. Found a broker here ( I am a salesperson in Georgia) and the rest was easy. Now- have to do a 14 hour broker-salesman open book test every two years for Florida, as well as the 36 hours CE required for Georgia. Seems like I am either going to classes - or reading the Florida book! 

If you  plan on moving here it is worth while to get your license.  Pay once, and get the benefits as long as you keep it current.  I Buy and Sell flips and I get some commission on almost every deal I do.  I'd be happy to explain my process.  I usually place a realtor between me and a Buyer or Seller, take a referral fee, and have the agency participate in post liability issues.  30+ years doing business and no problems but it only takes ONE and if you are licensed, you reduce the risk and improve profitability.  Look into, It is very affordable.

Thanks everyone for your help.

My realtor suggested that I should take the online course from  Rowlett Real Estate School (this is what she did). 

Richard refers to Real Estate Express above.  This seems to be cheaper - what is the difference between them? Which one is better?

Thanks again!