Referral for property manager in Cape Cod

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I'm looking for a new property manager for my family's vacation rental in Harwich Port, Cape Cod.  Our old property manager moved on and the new manager assigned to us has been awful (poor marketing, not updating websites, will not hire professional photographer).  The only reason we have kept the agent is because we have one long term renter over the summer we don't want to lose.  My family lives in Seattle so it's important to find a reliable property manager.  The house rent's for $7000 a week in peak season and is in a beautiful location right on the water.  It's been in my family since the 1950's.

Any recommendations on a reliable property manager would be appreciated as well as a recommendation for a photographer.  Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Sam Denny .  I was just in Harwich Port last weekend photographing a home. Yes, excellent pictures are vital! 

Our business advertise Cape rentals and supports the homeowner to effectively market their home with various marketing services, but we do property manage. We do provide a Home Services Directory that lists property managers, cleaners, plumbers, painters, etc. for Cape homeowners. Hope this is helpful:  Home Service Directory for Lower Cape Cod