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Hi Jennifer,

I have the APN and the zoning code. I'll check with the zoning dept. and see what can be done. I'll definitely needed help in the process. From there, I'll draw feasibility studies and would definitely needing help from the legal side of the process. Will this be something in your alley or should I be specific to practical relative application of interpretation with regard to zoning and development perhaps an attorney that is local and knows the culture, the personnel inside the zoning and planning department? And the next phase is to identify extent the attorney can do and typical budget to legal closure.

I used to think of doing something like that. I looked into the Yosemite area and out near Tahoe. You can easily get a home equity line of credit with your existing properties and pull the trigger on the project. I'd say GO FOR IT! You might want to check out the Jamestown area near Pinecrest. Just make sure to get your math right and the team of people supporting your decision are all on the same page(a contract is a must).

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I do plan on building a team for the management piece and the exact thought to bring in an extra leg of income is building a STR management company for locals. I considered the master lease option but for personal and future reasons I would just rather make an attempt to own the property and land. Thanks for your input! I like how most minds on here think very similar.

Great plan! And sounds like you are doing it in the correct order by figuring your systems out first, then bringing in partners & clients  ... never use your clients or partners' capital as guinea pigs, not if you want to stay in business anyhow ;)