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Hi all. I have only used drop coffee machines in my two units at the beach. These are mostly "true" VRs, however, I still have a lot of off-season bookings as well. We just bought 2 Keurig machines and a few pods, but I wanted to ask what others provide as far as coffee, tea, condiments, etc. Do you just have a large display of various flavors of k-cups, and do you see a large part of them disappear? How many options is too many?

Thanks in advance!

I would say anything more two or three options would be to much. As someone who uses Airbnb quite a bit for travel, I’m just excited when coffee is provided.

I leave what the previous renter left behind.  Unless it's really good, then I take some.  Sometimes I buy microwave popcorn and leave a bag or two in front of the microwave.  I might also buy some premium beer and leave a few bottles in the fridge.  If a renter left cheap laundry detergent behind, I use it to clean oil spills on concrete and replace the detergent with good stuff.

I have drip coffee. I don't supply tea bags, or coffee beans or anything. It's a potential liability for me right? What if they get sick based off of the food you provide?

Also the less stuff I have in the unit, the less I have to restock, and the more I get to save!

I have drip coffee makers as I've run into problems with Keurig machines being temperamental.  Also, my rental is geared towards families - a pot of coffee is faster/easier/cheaper than ~6 Keurig pods/keeping up with replacements!  I buy the big bags of (quality) ground coffee at Costco, and a couple of assorted boxes of teas to keep on hand.  I think it's a nice unexpected bonus for the guests, and doesn't cost me much or need to be replaced often.  I also provide sugar, olive oil, cooking spray, and a spice rack as my house has a full kitchen that guests like to use.

Hi @Richard White , I'm in the same boat as @Julie McCoy .  Regular drip system with Costco Coffee/Creamer and Lipton Tea boxes as well as sugar along with all the standard spices you might need for normal day to day cooking..and that's it.  Like @Andrew Wong said, you do not want to create any liabilities with other possible contaminated or perishable food items.   Guests seem to enjoy that combo and it's easy on the bottom line.  

That being said, we have a mountain/lake house so it fits well with our customer base and their expectations which are families or multi-families. If I had a beach house that was catering to couples, then there is a chance I would go the Keurig route.  Same old adage, know who your customers are and cater to their needs is the best advice on that one I guess.



Nice drip machines with auto timers in all units.  The turn person leaves a new small bag of coffee each time the unit is turned over, enough to make a couple pots and get the guest through that first morning or two after traveling to the VR.  After that's gone they are on their own for coffee.

There is also a variety of tea bags and sugar/fauxsugar/creamer.

After having a few guests mention how they arrived very late at night after flight delays, etc, I firmly believe not having to leave the VR find coffee that next morning has made a few guests very happy.

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