Oahu Hawaii owners considering Airbnb / VR

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This can be a touchy subject here in Hawaii...most folks rely on the hotel industry for employment...VRs can/do take away revenue from hotels.  VRs can also increase long term rent as "affordable housing" properties decrease.  Property values can rise due to certain homes/locations being more attractive to buyers for VR purposes.  Transient traffic can make for an unsafe neighborhood for neighbors as they no longer recognize "regulars" to the neighborhood...traffic...blah blah blah...

the good side?  income, revenue to the state/county, these properties are less likely to be eye sores and can/will help drive up property values for neighbors (catch 22 here)...etc.

i live in rural area on Maui and have seen my share of legal and illegal VRs pop up...i don't really have a dog in this fight either way, but would probably like to dabble in this market as well should the rules/laws change...right now the process here on Maui is just too cumbersome (probably that way to make it unattractive) to become a legal VR property.

I do wish you luck and ask that you post back with your findings/results for the other Hawaii folks!