What to do if an Airbnb or a VRBO tenant decides not to leave

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Hi everyone, I recently started renting my property on VRBO and Airbnb. I was wondering what happens if the tenant decides not to leave after he’s supposed to? If they just stay in the unit? I currently have someone in that’s starting to act weird so wanted to consult here. VRBO basically leaves you hanging in that situation, they said call the police it’s trespassing, but I’m not sure, because it wouldn’t work like that for long term tenants and this seems even worse because there is no lease and I don’t have any of their info. I appreciate any help. Thank you!

I require a photo I'D after some one books.

They electronically sign your rental agreement on HA/VRBO so that is an agreement. 

I agree if they overstay they are trespassing call the police. Tell them the police will be arriving to arrest them. I bet they head out quick.

As John said. 

And don't waste time. You don't want this to be "converted" or "requalified" defacto as a LTR. 

I don't know what are your city's regulations  but hopefully they stayed Short enough not to be considered LTR regardless of your agreement. Here in LA anyone staying in a place for 30 days or more, even under a VRBO arrangement, can refuse to leave considering the place as home and you'll need eviction that you won't get if they pay rent. 

I operate both in STR and traditional hotels. Be aware of your local laws for residency and if you are really worried about it don’t rent your place for longer than those days. As far as your current tenant I would start counting down the days till he checks out. “Hey, it’s 7 days till you are set to check out, is there anything you need assistance with before then?” And so on at 3 days and the night before. Day of checkout show up at departure time with your cleaner or anyone you can have as support in case things turn for the worse and if they do DO NOT hesitate to contact the police, explain what’s going on and let them do their jobs. Let’s hope you are just nervous and it all pans out smoothly.

I had a similar problem. Told the city disconnect the electric and water. I gave the problem tenants the phone number of another STR where they could move to. They used some big scissor shears to jump the 2 hot terminals in the meter box to give juice to the two terminals in the meter box feeding the house. Police and utility dept came out and disconnected everything.

Turns out that the person I referred them to is the city engineer.

@Peter Milic I always call a security company who come locked and loaded to remove guest. Always make sure you have an agreement with every guest which covers your terms of eviction: Drugs, parties, exceeding occupancy etc.

I personally don't like to call the police as I don't like attention drawn to any property I manage but will contact them if the security team is not within reach.

Yes. Call the police. They're obviously up to no good. My market is nothing but vacation rentals so it's a pretty common phone call for the sherrif to answer. Depending where you are the police might not be sure what you're asking them to do. Make it as obvious as possible. But get them out of your house. Now! 

To try a less harsh approach just pull up to the property in your truck and send them a message on the app that says "it's time to go we're here to clean" this always works for us. Again... my market is nothing but over nighters. These people have somewhere to go.  Like back home to work. Yours sounds like he's trying to make yours his new home. We have to get in and clean ours fast for the next guest so we don't mess around. 

Don't be a pushover. 

Keep us updated love to hear how this ends.